Moist Cinnamon Apple Bread is made with applesauce for even more delicious apple flavor. This easy quick bread is ready for the oven in less than 10 minutes!

Sliced loaf of moist cinnamon apple bread on a cutting board.

This Apple Quick Bread is super moist. Many quick bread recipes use vegetable oil to keep the loaf moist, but that adds quite a few calories and a whole lot of fat. Instead, this recipe uses applesauce for a lighter version that’s just as moist. Plus, more delicious apple flavor!

Why is it called a quick bread when it takes so long to bake?

The term quick bread is a bit of a misnomer. It certainly doesn’t refer to the cooking time since most quick bread recipes take somewhere around 1 hour to bake, if not more. What it DOES refer to is the amount of time it takes to prepare the dough for baking. Since quick breads don’t use yeast for leavening, they don’t require any rising time and are therefore “quick” to get into the oven.

Unsweetened Applesauce vs. Sweetened

This recipe calls for unsweetened applesauce. If you try to use sweetened you may want to reduce the amount of additional sugar you add or your bread may end up quite sweet. Use unsweetened applesauce for best results and complete control over your bread.

What kind of apply should I use?

This recipe uses green Granny Smith apples. Why? Granny Smith apples are tart which provides a great balance to the sweetness of the bread. Granny Smith apples also bake up nicely without becoming mushy which makes them a great candidate for baking inside of a bread.

When preparing your apples, start by peeling and coring them. You can do this by using a peeler corer slicer or simply peel using a knife or potato peeler and then cut the core out.  Be sure to cut up your apple pieces quite small. I hate having large chunks in my bread. I keep my pieces 1/4 of an inch or less.

Hand holding a slice of apple bread

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