Toffee Apple Dip is an easy to make appetizer or dessert. Serve with apples, ‘nilla wafers, or graham crackers for a delicious candy bar dip people will devour!

Toffee Apple Dip in a bowl surrounded by apples, graham crackers, and Nilla wafers.

This delicious dip tastes just like a candy bar! Toffee dip comes together in just five minutes with just a handful of ingredients. It can be served as a sweet appetizer or as a dessert. Either way this is a treat that is sure to be devoured!

We recommend using a hand mixer for this recipe to cream together the cream cheese and sugars. If you don’t have a hand mixer, it is still possible to cream this together by hand. It will just take a few additional minutes and a little bit of muscle. You want to be sure to cream it well so that the sugar is not grainy.

  • Can I use something besides Heath toffee bits?

    Any crushed up candy bar will do. Butterfingers, Kit Kats, Snickers….the possibilities are endless! For another fun twist try using mint baking chips or other fun flavors of baking chips.

  • What do I serve this with?

    Toffee Apple Dip gets its name because it is most commonly served with apples. We recommend both the tart green varieties as well as the sweeter reds.  Apples are great for serving this dip as a sweet appetizer. For a full dessert option we also enjoy serving this with ‘Nill wafers or graham crackers. 

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