Chocolate chip cookie dough is heaven in a bowl. Perfect for dipping pretzels, vanilla wafers and your favorite fruit. Or you could go nuts and just eat it with a spoon. You’re going to love it! 

Someone dipping a pretzel into chocolate chip cookie dough dip.

Oh deliciousness! The title says it all. While it doesn’t taste like cookie dough, it has a good cookie dough cream cheese flavor. It is absolutely delicious and somewhat addicting. We love it when it is extra cold and can just eat it with a spoon.

Cooking Lesson: Cream cheese is an American invention brought about in the late 1800s by a guy who was trying to duplicate the French cheese Neufchatel. You’ve probably seen Neufchatel  in similar packages sitting right next to the cream cheese. In fact, you may have accidentally bought it a time or two. The taste is actually quite similar. One of the biggest differences is that cream cheese contains about 10% more milk fat than Neufchatel. You can use Neufchatel to “lighten” a recipe calling for cream cheese.

  • Serving Suggestions:

    You can dip just about anything in this. It is THAT good. Some of our favorites are vanilla wafers, fruit, cookies, or even pretzels. Try them all and see which you like best!

  • Variations:

    Looking for a little more excitement in your dip? Have some fun with the type of chocolate chips you add! You can stick to the original and use semi-sweet or milk chocolate chips. However, you could also try dark chocolate, peanut butter chips, butterscotch, mint chocolate, or even white chocolate. The possibilities are endless! 

  • How long will chocolate chip cookie dough dip keep? 

    You will need to store this in the fridge. It should stay good in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 4 days. 

Chocolate chip cookie dough dip with cookies, pretzels, and strawberries.

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