Chili-Lime Baked Chicken Tenders take the classic flavor combination and mashes it with a kid favorite, for a grown up version of chicken tenders that will have you licking your fingers! This easy dinner will be a hit with the whole family!

A pile of chili lime chicken tenders, one with a bit taken out of it

This recipe came to me as many recipes do….while strolling the isles at the grocery store. This one happened in Costco. I found myself with an enormous amount of chicken tenders in my shopping cart. It’s Costco, so you know it was enough to feed my little family chicken fingers for a week. Let me tell you, they wouldn’t complain about that. I did some experimenting with all sorts of different versions of chicken fingers that the grown ups in the house could enjoy just as much as the kids.

3 chicken tender strips on a white plate

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