Cilantro Lime Chicken Pizza will have all cilantro lime lovers falling in love with this simple, but tasty pizza combination. 

Cilantro Lime Chicken Pizza with a slice cut out.

I have a love affair with cilantro and lime. I’ll eat that combination almost anywhere. I would eat in a box. I would eat it with a fox! I would eat it here or there…I would eat it anywhere! See? I love it so much I’m willing to go all Dr. Seuss on you.

I have a separate love affair with pizza. I may or not may be an eternal 5 year-old at heart. I may have lots of love affairs when it comes to food. Maybe 4 or 5 years ago I had the grand idea of united two of my loves in a cilantro lime chicken pizza. The results were fantastic. The recipe has been adjusted over the years and has ended up being simplified into one amazing pizza.  In fact, I sold homemade pizzas on numerous occasions and this was the most popular flavor. People couldn’t get enough!

A slice of Cilantro Lime Chicken Pizza.
Cooking Lesson.

The best pizzas are made in pizza ovens. Sometimes I get a little sad that I can’t install a pizza oven in my house. Pizza ovens are hot, surpassing 800 degrees. They cook pizzas hot and fast in a way that leaves a crispy crust with deliciously melted cheese. Making a delicious pizza at home is still possible, but you’ve got to know the tricks.

1. Use a pizza stone. They are well worth the small investment and can be used for more than just pizza. In fact, I use mine almost every day making artisan bread, but that’s another story.

2. Preheating is important. You aren’t just preheating your oven, you have to preheat the stone. I give my pizza stone a minimum of 20 minutes in the oven to preheat. If I’m patient enough (and not too many children are whining for their dinner) I give it 30 minutes.

3. Learn how to get your pizza off the preparation surface and onto your pizza stone. Go heavy on the cornmeal under your crust and slide quickly with one flick of the wrist. It sounds hard because it is. Practice is the only way to make perfect. Many curse words have been cast around in my house learning to slide pizzas. While practice has improved my “pizza slide” dramatically, I highly recommend using my “perfect frozen pizza” method and then you’ll never have to worry about getting your pizza onto the stone again. Plop that baby on and never look back (except when you are staring through the oven window salivating because the delicious smell filling your house is becoming too much to handle)

4. Cook until the cheese starts to brown. Don’t worry about the crust underneath burning. Go by the cheese. When the cheese starts to bubble and brown you have reached the point of deliciousness.

Slice of Cilantro Lime Chicken Pizza on a black countertop surrounded by lime wedges.

Watch the video below where I show you exactly how I make this culinary delight. I’ve got this fabulous YouTube Channel where I have more than 150 cooking videos for you to drool over. Be sure to check it out!