Fudgey, crackled, powdered sugar coated chocolate cookies are topped off with milk chocolate kisses. These Chocolate Kiss Cookies are chocolate overload in the best possible way!

Chocolate kiss cookies on a wire cooling rack

Chocolate kiss cookies bring together two absolutely delicious cookies: chocolate crinkle cookies and kiss cookies. Traditionally, we use a peanut butter cookie for our kiss cookies. That combination of peanut butter and chocolate is divine, but for those of you with peanut allergies, or just looking for a change like us, chocolate kiss cookies are the best twist on a classic kiss cookie. Chocolate crinkle cookies were already one of our top ten favorite holiday cookies, and topping it with a chocolate (and especially a peppermint!) kiss puts it solidly in our top five. We know you’ll agree!

Coating Options:

The base for these chocolate kiss cookies were inspired by classic chocolate crinkle cookies.  We definitely recommend rolling them in powdered sugar, but you can also play with other options — granulated sugar, or even colored nonpareils (gives them a great texture)!

Do I have to chill Chocolate Kiss Cookie dough?

This recipe does require some chilling, as the chocolate cookie dough will be too sticky to roll in your hands right away. Please make sure to not skip this step!

Baking Tip:

We recommend baking these cookies so that they’re still just slightly under-done when you pull them out of the oven. One of the worst things you can do with these chocolate kiss cookies is over-bake them, as the centers will come out extremely dry. If the centers are still a bit under-done, though, they can finish baking on the cookie sheet while they cool, and the cookies will stay nice and soft and fudgey.

Kiss Options:

We used classic milk chocolate kisses to top off these chocolate kiss cookies, but you can definitely play with different flavors as well. Dark chocolate, peppermint, and white chocolate would all be great options!

chocolate kiss cookies on a white plate. One has a bite taken out.

Storage Instructions: 

Store cookies in an airtight container on the countertop for up to 5 days. 

This recipe was originally published on The Stay At Home Chef by Sam from Sugar Spun Run. Be sure to check out some of her other delicious dessert creations like peanut butter blossoms, chocolate chip shortbread cookies and oatmeal cookies.

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