Homemade Cajun seasoning will take your recipes to the next level! Add it to seafood, chicken, veggies, steak, and more. Made with a variety of spices and seasonings, it’s flavorful, tangy, and a little bit spicy!

Homemade cajun seasoning in a jar.

We love whipping up homemade seasonings here at the Stay at Home Chef household! They are so easy to make and are so much better than the store-bought stuff. Today, we want to introduce our special homemade Cajun seasoning recipe! We love adding these Cajun spices to dishes like shrimp, chicken, steak, and veggies. We even add it to burgers for a unique Cajun flavor. This type of seasoning originated in Louisiana, the home of Cajun cooking. It’s typically made with spices and herbs like paprika, onion and garlic powder, oregano, and cayenne pepper — to name a few. Different chefs like to add different spices, but the idea is the same: it’s used to add a kick to whatever you put it in! That’s part of the beauty of this spice mix, as you can feel free to get really creative. Once you have our Cajun seasoning recipe on hand, you’ll want to add it to just about everything. 

Fresh Herbs vs. Dried Spices:

While we love using fresh herbs, there are some recipes that call for dried spices for a reason. Our homemade Cajun seasoning recipe is one of those recipes that is best made with dried spices. You may also come across ground spices. In any case, always opt for dried to make your own Cajun spices mixture. It will go perfectly in your Cajun-inspired creations.

Where Does Cajun Food Originate From?

Cajun food originated in New Orleans. It’s a wonderful combination of Southern and French cuisine and packs some serious flavor. It’s often found in the bayous of Louisiana, and according to locals, it was brought over by the French back in the late 18th century. Cajun food is bold, rustic, and full-bodied. It often features meat, and a lot of recipes can be made in one pan. Famous dishes such as jambalaya and crawfish boils are Cajun! 

What Is The Difference Between Cajun and Creole Seasoning?

Cajun and Creole seasonings are often compared because they are quite similar! There are, however, major difference is in what types of spices, herbs, and seasonings are used in each. Cajun spices tend to feature many different kinds of peppers (like black and cayenne). Creole seasoning is made with a wider variety of herbs such as rosemary. 

Is Cajun Seasoning The Same As Chili Powder?

Cajun seasoning is usually made with some type of chili powder, but there is so much more to it! We prefer to use cayenne pepper in our version, but you can feel free to add a bit of chili powder in yours if you want some more spice. One of the best parts of creating your own homemade seasoning is the freedom you have to add whatever extra ingredients you like!

Spice Level:

Our homemade Cajun seasoning isn’t overly spicy, but it does feature cayenne pepper. If you like to bring on the heat to your dishes, feel free to add in a bit more. If you don’t like spicy foods, you can omit it. You can also play around with how much or how little salt you add. There’s something for all taste preferences!

Serving Suggestions:

The dishes below call for a combination of spices that you can recreate when you make our homemade Cajun seasoning recipe!

You can also add a bit of this seasoning on top of salads or in dips! One of our favorite ways to use it is on top of guacamole!

Overhead view of the different spices that go into homemade cajun seasoning.

Storage Instructions:

Store your homemade Cajun seasoning in a jar that you can close tightly. Opt for a small glass jar for the best results! We recommend that you keep it in a cupboard or your pantry. It will keep for up to 1 year.

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