Slices of turkey breast drizzled with cranberry sauce

This year for Thanksgiving I’m putting out what I call “Spicy Thanksgiving.” Don’t worry, the recipes won’t burn your face off. They only have a mild heat, but boy are they full of spice and flavor!  

We’re kicking things off with a Cajun Turkey Breast. Sometimes you don’t need or want a whole turkey for Thanksgiving and that’s totally okay. A turkey breast is quite easy to make and takes a whole lot less time.

Why can’t you just give me an exact cooking time?   I know, I know, there’s nothing more frustrating in cooking a large meal like Thanksgiving than not knowing exactly when everything will be done.   Here’s the thing, when it comes to cooking meats, especially poultry, and particularly with poultry that easily dries out like turkey breast…’s all about temperature, not time.

There are a variety of factors that will influence when your turkey breast will actually be done. These factors include the exact size of your turkey breast, the shape of your turkey breast, the actual temperature of your oven (yup, not all ovens are precise), how many times you open the oven door, where you placed it in the oven, and more.   With all those factors in play, can you see why using a meat thermometer is the best option?