This cajun turkey injection has the most flavorful spices and seasonings. Injected into my juiciest turkey recipe, this will be your favorite Thanksgiving recipe for years to come!

Juicy Roast Turkey on rosemary on a white serving dish.

This Thanksgiving turkey rocks. Seriously. People are always fawning over it and wonder what the secret is. The answer? It’s not really a big deal. It all starts with an injection and then just making sure to keep checking the temperature so it doesn’t overcook. Also, baste like crazy. Overcooking a turkey dries it out and an injection brings in both moisture and flavor. You can buy an injector at most major big box stores (Walmart, Kmart, Target). We use the Grill Pro Marinade Injector (pictured above).

Tasty Tips: Put butter under the skin. This will help the skin crisp up and provide extra moisture for the meat. Start at a high roasting temperature (450 degrees) for the first 30 minutes, and lower to 325 for the remainder of the cooking until your bird reaches the desired doneness  (165 degrees measured in the thigh).

  • Frozen Vs. Fresh Turkey:

    For a frozen turkey to be considered “fresh” it can have been frozen up to a year in advance. Purchasing a never frozen turkey guarantees that your meat really is fresh and will produce not only a more juicy turkey, but will also require less cooking time. Regardless of what kind of turkey you buy, always use a meat thermometer to determine when the meat is done. If you only do it by time you will almost certainly dry out your turkey from overcooking it.

  • Store Bought or Homemade Cajun Seasoning:

    We love the option to customize cajun seasoning when it is homemade, especially the spice level! However, you can always use store bought cajun seasoning. 

  • How Do I Roast a Turkey?

    We’ve got you covered with all of the tips and tricks and instructions on roasting the juiciest turkey ever.

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