Easy Strawberry Salsa will have everyone raving at your next party! People love the fresh, fruity zing from this tasty fruit salsa!

A chip dips into a bowl of Strawberry Salsa

Strawberry season starts in early May and runs until the end of July which means the tastiest, most succulent strawberries you can buy can only be found during those months. However, ever changing agricultural methods and the incredible availability of shipping make strawberries available year round. These “off season” strawberries will be more on the crunchy, less sweet side making them perfect to use in a salsa where the acidity of the lime juice and tomato will help break down the fruit making it a bit softer. Adding sugar to crunchy strawberries will also combat the out of season problems and add sweetness and soften them up in their own juices.

A tortilla chip is dipped into a bowl of strawberry salsa, surrounded by fresh strawberries, lemon, cilantro and tortilla chips

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