A cracker being dipped into a cast iron bowl filled with jicama salsa

I was in Miami last month and one of the things I had there was a jicama salsa. I swear you can take any fruit or vegetable and make it into a salsa and it will always be delicious. Jicama is fun because it is unique, crunchy, and has such a mild flavor that you won’t scare anyone. Plus you can have fun letting people guess what’s in it! The jicama will soak up the juices so this isn’t a very wet salsa, but it sort of makes it perfect for serving a light, healthy, and fresh tasting salsa without a lot of mess. Picnic? Barbecue? Potluck? Yes, yes, and yes!

You  might be wondering if your local grocery store even carries jicama. It probably does! It is big and brown and looks like a cross between a giant weird and round potato and a radish. That description alone is going to make you want to try this, right? Jicama, pronounced hick-uh-muh. Fun to say, easy to make, and slightly adventurous.