This quirky combination of Avocado, Fennel, and Cucumber makes one outrageously delicious salsa that will change everything you’ve ever thought about fennel. 

Avocado Fennel Salsa in a white bowl.

We love to look for ways to use fennel in our cooking. It is so good for you! If you haven’t jumped on the fennel band wagon you should. Fennel has a licorice flavor to it which makes it unlike a lot of other vegetables out there, especially green ones. Its unusual flavor makes it a fun ingredient to work with. This salsa is so light and refreshing and makes the perfect summer snack. With cucumber, fennel, and avocado it is also packed full of vitamins and nutrients too. It’s flavorful, bright, and delicious!

How do I cut fennel?

Start by cutting the bulb away from the leafy stems, then slice off the base end where the roots were. You’ll be left with a white bulb. You can now slice and dice this portion. The entire vegetable that you purchase is edible, including the leaves and stems. This recipe only calls for the bulb.

Chip dipping into some Avocado Fennel Salsa in a white bowl.

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