Savory Tomato Pie is a Southern comfort food classic. Layers of tomato, onion, basil, and cheese are baked in a flaky pie crust shell for an indulgent savory pie that is hard to resist!

Savory Southern Tomato Pie in a pie tin

What kind of tomatoes should I use to make tomato pie?

The prettiest tomato pies are made using several different colors of heirloom tomatoes. If you aren’t as concerned about looks, we recommend using a plum tomato like Roma tomatoes as they have the least amount of liquid. However, any garden tomato will work to make tomato pie.

Can I use a frozen pie crust to make tomato pie?

Tomato pie can be made using a homemade pie crust or a frozen pie crust. Either way, the pie crust will need to be baked prior to making your tomato pie. Follow the directions on the frozen pie crust for baking an empty shell. If using homemade, be sure to pierce your crust with a fork all over the bottom and sides and use pie weights or raw beans to weight down your crust.

Tomato Pie Recipe

Can I freeze tomato pie?

It is not recommended that you freeze a southern style tomato pie. The water content in the tomatoes and cheese will create a mushy mess if frozen and then baked.

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