Two Rice Krispie treats with m&ms on a kitchen counter.

M&M rice krispie treats bring together the crunch of Rice Krispie cereal, the chewiness of marshmallows, and the sweet fun of chocolate candies in every bite.

There’s something undeniably delightful about biting into a M&M rice krispie treat. Imagine a satisfying crunch from rice krispies, followed by the smooth, pillowy texture of melted marshmallows. Now, add to this mix the chocolatey surprise of M&M’s, their bright colors adding a playful touch. With each bite, this nostalgic treat takes you on a trip down memory lane while the added candies offer a modern twist. Easy to make and even easier to love, these M&M rice krispie treats are sure to add a dash of fun to your kitchen adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use other cereals for this treat?

Yes, you can experiment with other puffed grain cereals, but the texture and taste may vary.

Can I use other types of candy?

Absolutely! Feel free to mix in other candies like chopped chocolate bars or sprinkles for added color and flavor.

Are these treats gluten-free?

While the main ingredients are generally gluten-free, always check the packaging as cross-contamination can occur during manufacturing.


  • If butter is a concern, replace it with a plant-based butter alternative.
  • For those avoiding M&M’s due to food dyes or a vegan lifestyle, there are many alternatives like carob chips or dye-free candies available in health food stores.
  • To reduce sodium, simply use unsalted butter. The marshmallows and candies will still bring plenty of flavor to the treats.
M&M Rice Krispie treats.

Freezer & Storage Instructions

Rice Krispie treats are not ideal candidates for freezing due to the texture of the puffed rice. Freezing can make the rice krispies soggy when defrosted. Store the treats in an airtight container at room temperature. While they’re best enjoyed fresh, they can last up to a week.

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