Skip the bakery and make this easy artisan Jalapeno Cheese Bread at home. Just 6 ingredients is all that is needed for this easy homemade artisan bread!
Jalapeno Cheese Bread on a cutting board.
I was taking my kids to the park last week and made a quick stop at the grocery store beforehand to catch a sale on cereal. (Our house might be full of cereal addicts). I was hungry and hadn’t packed myself a snack so I bought a jalapeno cheese bread from the bakery. I felt a little silly paying 69 cents for it when I knew I could easily make it at home. So what did I do? I ate the 69 cent one and promptly went home to make 3 loaves myself. My husband was convinced I was going to give them away and wanted to make sure we got some for ourselves. Only 1 loaf got given away. Call me selfish!
We took the loaves up to a local park called “Double Peak” that has the most wonderful view. You can see for miles. You have wonderful mountain views as well as lagoon and ocean views. It is heavenly. We soaked in the views while eating our bread and then played on the three section teeter totter. If you ever have the chance to play on a three section teeter totter I highly recommend it. Seriously, it is pretty dang cool. Pure craziness. As for the bread? You should totally try that too. Delish man!
Close up of Jalapeno Cheese Bread on a cutting board.
Watch the video to see just how easy it is to make this spicy artisan bread at home.