Authentic Mexican Street Corn is just like they serve it from the street carts of Mexico. This is a comfort food corn on the cob dish that just can’t be beat. 

Authentic Mexican Street Corn rolled in a creamy mayonnaise/crema mixture and topped with cotija cheese and cilantro

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I have a deep love of Mexican Street Corn. The flavors in it are just so amazing. In fact, they are so inspiring that I even created a soup based on the flavors. You just can’t help but love these deliciously indulgent flavors.

I recently returned from a trip to the Mexican Caribbean with Princess Cruises. 90% of Caribbean ports are open for business, and tourism is such an important part of the economy in all of those ports. It was great to visit the Caribbean and see first hand that its beauty remains. Now is the perfect time to book your Caribbean vacation and I highly recommend traveling with Princess.

Cruising is such a great way to travel and see the Mexican Caribbean. We were able to see the coast of course, but we were also able to travel quite a distance inland to see the amazing Mayan ruins. At one point I almost lost the friends I was traveling with because I saw a street cart selling Mexican Street Corn. My stomach forced me to make a bee-line for it. I can’t help myself. It’s delicious!

Authentic Mexican Street Corn at a food cart
A cruise ship at a dock
Rachel looks pensively with her sunglasses resting on her chin in front of a Mayan ruin. Her tshirt says "Be Kind."
A shade structure on the beach next to the ocean with a table and chairs. Palm tree and foliage in the foreground

Clearly we saw some amazing things. We climbed across ancient Mayan ruins and trekked through the jungle and even saw a monkey. We swam with turtles and dined on the beach. We met Mayan families and explored the most beautiful underground water formations called cenotes.

I’m in love with the Mexican Caribbean. I can’t wait to go back and take my family there. Not only is the food amazing, but the people and the culture is truly something special.

Authentic Mexican Street Corn rolled in a creamy mayonnaise/crema mixture and topped with cotija cheese and cilantro

I replicated the flavors of the street corn there exactly and was sure to ask lots of questions I could get it right for you. One of the important things to do is to grate your Cotija cheese rather than crumble it. This will give you the right texture and will work better with our mixture.

The hot sauce and the chopped cilantro are optional garnishes on Mexican Street Corn. For the hot sauce, use a high quality Mexican style hot sauce. I personally like adding the hot sauce as it adds both heat and flavor.  Add cilantro for both color and flavor, if desired.