This easy to make Chimichurri Sauce is perfect to use as a marinade or to accompany beef and grilled meats. Full of fresh herbs and tangy vinegar, it brings a zesty flavor with a tiny hint of heat.

Bird's eye view of Chimichurri sauce in a white bowl surrounded by some other foods on the table.

What is Mary Poppins’s favorite steak sauce? Chim-chiminey, chim-chiminey, chim-chimi-churri! Okay, all joking aside, this distinctive, Argentine sauce has become a favorite around the world. My simple verde version is full of flavor and can be used as a marinade, sauce or condiment. Making the sauce is surprisingly simple but impresses with the best of gourmet. The next time you’re grilling or serving up a meat dish, invite some friends over because you’ll want to show off this savory sauce!

Can I use cilantro instead of parsley?

Yes. Although parsley is the main flavor in most authentic chimichurri sauces, there are many who prefer the taste of cilantro. It will definitely alter the flavor of this sauce, but cilantro blends perfectly with the other ingredients.

Is chimichurri very spicy?

This recipe is not super spicy, but gets a little hint of heat from the red pepper flakes. If you are sensitive to hot foods, you can leave them out.

What can I serve with chimichurri?

Chimichurri has traditionally been served with Asado, or barbecue. It goes great with steak, grilled meats and skewers. It can also top pasta dishes or grilled vegetables like roasted ptoatoes potatoes for a delicious vegetarian option. It is also great served as an appetizer with bread for dipping.

Bird's eye view of Chimichurri sauce in a white bowl.

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