A stack of four 7 layer bars on a wooden surface with a glass of milk in the background.

Discover the magic of seven delectable layers that come together in this heavenly 7 layer dessert bar that’s hard to resist.

We love desserts that feed a crowd. If it can be made in a 9×13 pan, we are all over it. You see, we’re the kind of family that doesn’t want one tiny serving of dessert. We want the option to go back for seconds without having to fork fight with the kids! 7 layer bars give you all of that crunch and chocolatey, coconut-y flavor that you’re craving. Trust us, it’s addictingly good. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave out the pecans?

We understand that nut allergies are a real thing, and so many are omitting nuts to play it safe. Pecans in this recipe are completely optional and can be left out or swapped out for a different nut for any reason.

What if I don’t like coconut?

We love the added texture and sweetness the coconut brings to this recipe. If you do not love coconut, you can always leave it out.

Can I use white chocolate chips instead of milk or dark chocolate?

Absolutely! Feel free to mix and match chocolate types to suit your preference.


  • Pecans: Substitute with walnuts, chopped almonds, or hazelnuts.
  • Butterscotch Chips: Substitute with peanut butter chips for a delicious twist!
  • Sweetened Coconut Flakes: Substitute with unsweetened coconut flakes to reduce the overall sweetness of the bars.
  • Salted Butter: Substitute with your preferred plant-based butter or with regular, unsalted butter + 1/4 teaspoon salt.


Bars are too crumbly: Ensure the crust is well-pressed and compacted, and that the bars are cooled sufficiently before slicing. Proper layering and adequate baking time are also crucial.

Tips From the Chef

  • Ensure your butter is fully melted for an even crust.
  • Press the layers gently, especially the crust, to ensure the bars hold together well.
  • Use a sharp knife to slice the bars, wiping it clean between cuts for neater slices.

Serving Instructions

You need to let these bars fully set before slicing and serving. Either let them cool in the refrigerator or set for a few hours.

Storage & Freezing Instructions

Store the bars in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 3 days. For longer storage, refrigerate them for up to a week.

If you wish to freeze the bars, wrap them individually in plastic wrap and place them in a freezer-safe container. They can be frozen for up to a month.

Eat All the Desserts!

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