The Santa Fe Grilled Chicken Sandwich has the most amazing marinated chicken, spicy pepper jack cheese, and spicy curry mayo on a grilled bun. You’re going to love this barbecue favorite!

the sante fe grilled chicken sandwich with toasted bun, green Chile peppers, chicken, melted cheese, and lettuce

We love the Sante Fe Grilled Chicken Sandwich. It brings back so many childhood memories! As far as fast food goes, it is a great chicken sandwich. We try to avoid the whole fast food thing though. Making food at home gives us complete control over the ingredients and the quality without sacrificing flavor. 

This sandwich is totally easy to make at home. It’s full of flavors and has lots of different spicing combinations in it. You’ve got basically a teriyaki chicken combined with a spicy curry mayo, with the southwest flavors of the green chili and pepper jack cheese. It totally works! It’s a great summer grilling alternative to the plain old burger. Give it a try at your next barbecue!

  • Can I make a Sante Fe Grilled Chicken Sandwich on the stovetop?

    We love to grill, but if you don’t have a grill you can always make this on the stovetop. Make sure to heat a small pat of butter or a teaspoon of oil in a large skillet over medium high heat and then add your chicken!

  • Mayo Spread Substitutes:

    Don’t love curry? You’re not alone. You can always stick to your favorite toppings, including regular mayonnaise.

  • Spice Control:

    Between the mayo spread and chicken marinade, this sandwich has a little bit of heat. If you would like a more mild spice level, reduce or omit the red pepper flakes and cayenne pepper.

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a sante fe grilled chicken sandwich cut in half to show the cut chicken breast inside