This classic dessert gets a modern upgrade. Make Salted Caramel Rice Pudding from scratch and enjoy a decadent twist on an old fashioned favorite.

a glass cup filled with salted caramel rice pudding.

You might be thinking that rice pudding is your grandma’s dessert, especially if you’re picturing raisins in a bland, gelatinous blob of rice. Not this rice pudding! This from-scratch recipe is both timeless and super simple to make. Also, it results in a decadent dessert you and your grandma will love. Delicious, creamy, salty, and sweet—this has it all!

Rice Options:

We prefer the creamier texture of Arborio rice, but regular white rice will also work just fine. Reduce the cooking time to about 20 minutes.

Can rice pudding be made in a rice cooker?

No. This recipe requires a low simmer with stirring in order to reach the right consistency, as the rice is boiled in milk and sugar.

Do add-ins go well with rice pudding? 

Absolutely. Rice pudding is kind of like vanilla ice cream. It is creamy and sweet and can mix well with lots of different flavors. If you want a little more sumpin’ sumpin’ with your rice pudding, you can try sprinkling some toasted pecans on it, sliced bananas, cinnamon, chocolate chips, apple slices, or even the traditional raisins.

A spoon full of Salted Caramel Rice Pudding above a glass dish full of rice pudding.

Storage Instructions: 

Store leftover rice pudding in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 5 days. You can eat it chilled or reheat in the microwave in 30 second increments until warmed through. Rice hardens up in the fridge, so you will want to thin it out with a tablespoon or two of water or milk.

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