Learn How to Make Homemade Gelato By Hand without the use of an ice cream maker. Make it the old fashioned way! This Pistachio Gelato is a total winner. 
An icecream scoop takes a scoop from a pan of homemade pistachio gelato topped with pistachios

Pistachio gelato is cold and creamy pistachio goodness. I’m all about pistachio lately and find myself craving it constantly. While on a recent trip to Moab, UT I found myself at a self serve ice cream store that had some fantastic pistachio gelato. I knew I’d be replicating it at home because the stuff was just so dang delicious!

My kitchen is full of amazing gizmos and gadgets, but sadly, an ice cream maker is not one of them. Do you have the same problem? Hey, it’s okay! In this recipe I have you making the gelato by hand….no ice cream machine required! It really doesn’t take much work to make this recipe, you just have to do it in a 4 hour block where you’ll be home. It requires a quick whisking every 30 to 45 minutes.

The result is a beautiful and creamy gelato flavored by real pistachios. Pistachio nut paste gives our flavoring (nothing artificial about it!) which you can order online from Amazon or find it in a specialty baking store. This is a recipe any pistachio lover can enjoy, whether they own an ice cream maker or not! You can also experiment with your own flavors by substituting the pistachio nut paste with other concentrated favors like raspberry jam or even chocolate.

Homemade pistachio gelato in a small bowl with spoons next to it

Watch the video below where I walk you through every step of this recipe. It’s helpful to have a visual guide, and this is exactly that.