The flakiness of croissants is turned into a donut delight in the amazing creation that is lovingly known as a Cronut. Experience this famous Manhattan-born treat for yourself and make it at home.

Cronuts: the famous donuts from Dominique Ansel in New York City that combine croissants and donuts for one amazing pastry called a cronut. This specialty pastry isn’t made everywhere, but now you can experience the delight for yourself at home.

Butter Matters

The quality of butter you use in this recipe matters. High-fat European-style butter like Plugra or Kerry Gold will produce the flakiest result. Be sure to use unsalted butter when making pastries so that you can control the flavor, as well as produce the best texture.

Don’t be intimidated by the fact that this recipe takes 3 days to make. You have less than an hour of actual hands-on time each day. The rest is just resting and rising. You really can do this! I’ve included pictures for the complicated step of laminating the dough so there is no confusion.

Filling Ideas

The cronut can be enjoyed by itself, but can also be filled like regular donuts. Our favorite is strawberries and cream, but feel free to be inspired by other flavors and fillings like pastry cream, nutella, lemon curd, or chocolate whipped cream.