Blueberry pancake bread takes classic blueberry pancakes and turns them into loaf form. It has crumble topping and can be served as bread slices, or topped with syrup. 

Blueberry Pancake Bread Loaf with two slices of it at the end.

We’ve taken our crowd favorite recipe for blueberry pancakes and turned it into a loaf bread. Not only is this a fun way to serve pancakes to a crowd (rather than cooking to order), it also has a delicious crumble on top so you can serve this up just as a delicious slice of bread. The crumble on top is optional, but as with most crumbles, it does add a delicious sweet texture to the top of the loaf.

What kind of toppings should I put on my pancake bread?

You can use regular maple syrup or blueberry syrup to top your pancake bread, just like you would regular pancakes. This bread can also be eaten as slices with no additional syrup.

Can I use regular milk instead of buttermilk?

You can use regular milk instead of buttermilk in the recipe. However, using buttermilk will make the recipe better in my opinion. Learn how to make your own quick homemade buttermilk here.

Why does it take so long to bake?

When a person cooks a pancake on a griddle or skillet the pancakes turn out to be about a quarter of an inch thick. These quarter inch pancakes take about 3 to 5 minutes to cook. Because this is a loaf of pancake, it needs a longer amount of time to cook all the way through.

How long is pancake bread good for?

Pancake bread needs to be stored in a fridge or freeze in an airtight container. Leftovers will be good in the fridge for two to three day and in the freezer for one to two months.

Blueberry Pancake Bread with Syrup

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