A thick, creamy milkshake made from avocados. This Sri Lankan Avocado Shake is a decadent dessert. Drizzle it with a little chocolate sauce and you have something amazing!

Bird's eye view of a sri lankan avocado shake.

We recently dined at a Sri Lankan restaurant in Provo, UT called The Banana Leaf. Everything we tasted was delicious. The restaurant is well known for its Avocado Shake and I knew it could be easily replicated at home. With a few experimental runs I think I’ve well replicated their delicious shake. It is proof that avocado can certainly be enjoyed as a dessert. It is a positively delightful green dessert. You can enjoy it thick like a milkshake, or thin it out a bit for sipping. So go ahead and make this Banana Leaf Avocado Shake and let me know how you like it!

Sri Lankan avocado shake in glass with avocado half next to it