Orange ginger grilled salmon steaks on a white plate with a salad

If you haven’t noticed, I grill a lot. I love me some grill time. I live in San Diego so I am fortunate enough to be able to grill year-round, but now that summer is here I’m grilling even more. The grill is awesome. It requires less cooking fats so the food ends up healthier and “clean” AND it also means that dinner is quick and easy to make. Seriously, if you don’t have a gas grill you really should get one. There’s no reason to be afraid of the grill. It’s easy to use and produces amazing food. Sure, you could make this same dish and bake it in the oven, or cook it stove top style in a pan, but you’ll miss that element of smoky grill flavor that gives that magical touch. I love the grill!

This recipe came about because I was at the store and the salmon steaks were just too beautiful to pass up (and at a really good price). I squeezed my orange juice straight from some oranges, but you could always use bottled if it is easier for you. Orange and ginger are a great pairing and both offer so many health benefits. I add a little brown sugar for a little bit of sweetness, and some soy sauce for that Asian salty flair. It doesn’t get any easier than this people! Give me some grill magic!

Orange-Ginger Grilled Salmon Steaks on a white plate with a small salad and a fork.

Note: Salmon steaks almost always have bones in them. The bones help give the steak structure while cooking. Just make sure your guests are aware that there are bones. They are easy to spot. 

Overhead view of orange ginger salmon steak on plate with a salad