Dive into a homemade version of the beloved childhood treat – fruit roll ups! Easy to make and customizable for your family’s taste buds. There’s a certain nostalgia that accompanies the thought of fruit roll ups. Those vibrant, chewy sheets of fruity goodness we enjoyed as kids now get a homemade twist. With just a few ingredients and a tad bit of patience, you can craft your own version of this timeless treat. The best part? The flexibility to customize flavors using the bounty of seasonal fruits available. Plus, this delightful snack is an excellent way for moms to involve their little helpers in the kitchen.

A stack of No Simmer Strawberry-Nectarine Fruit Roll Ups rolled in parchment paper and tied with a string

While the commercial version of fruit roll ups soared in popularity during the 1980s in the United States, the concept of fruit leather has roots that trace back to ancient cultures. Various civilizations would dry puréed fruit in the sun as a preservation method, creating an early version of the modern-day treat.

Substitution Options

  • Honey or maple syrup can be used as natural sweeteners in place of sugar.
  • For a citrusy twist that brightens the flavor, add a splash of lemon or lime juice to the fruit puree.

Frequently Asked Questions

What fruits can I use in this recipe?

You can experiment with various fruits like peaches, berries, mangoes, or even a blend of your favorites. Just ensure the combined weight remains consistent with the original recipe.

Can I skip the sugar?

Yes, sugar is optional. If your fruits are naturally sweet, or if you prefer a tangier taste, feel free to omit it.

How do I know when the fruit roll ups are ready?

The fruit leather should feel dry and not be tacky when touched. The drying time may vary based on the humidity in your area.

A stack of No Simmer Strawberry-Nectarine Fruit Roll Ups rolled in parchment paper and tied with a string

Recipe Tips

  1. When spreading the fruit puree on the parchment paper, aim for a consistent thickness to ensure even drying.
  2. If you’re in a rush, consider using a dehydrator, if available, to speed up the drying process.
  3. Check periodically to avoid over-drying, as this can make the fruit roll ups too brittle.

Storage Instructions

Once cooled, store the fruit roll ups in an airtight container. They will remain fresh for up to a month at room temperature. If you’ve made a large batch, consider freezing the extras. Simply layer them between sheets of wax paper and place them in a zip-top bag. Thaw at room temperature before enjoying.