Million Dollar Skillet S’mores pack in all your favorites into one dessert: Oreos, cookie dough, peanut butter cups, and s’mores! This indulgent dessert is ready in 10 minutes!

Rachel scoops a bite of million dollar skillet s'mores with a graham cracker from a cast iron skillet full of marshmallow, cookie dough, Oreo, and other melty goodness

This recipe came to me in a dream. No joke. It really did! I mean, I dream about food way more than the average person, but I really did dream about this recipe. When I woke up in the morning I knew I had to make it! And guess what? It really is the stuff dreams are made of! This indulgent dessert has everything I love: Oreos, peanut butter cups, and cookie dough jam packed into a s’mores dessert. This is love at first sight. It’s ooey and gooey and oh so delicious!

As written, the recipe is for a 10 inch skillet. You can always cut it in half for a smaller skillet or add a bit extra for a larger skillet. It is meant to be eaten as a dip so it’s great to share, but I won’t judge you if you eat it all by yourself. I mean, it’s ready in under 10 minutes which means it’s prime for eating your feelings. I get that. No judgement.

They do sell cookie dough balls in some grocery stores. It’s sold as an ice cream topping. If you can’t find it, you can easily buy commercial cookie dough in a package (think Pillsbury) and just roll the balls yourself. Commercial cookie dough is generally safe to eat. Freezing the balls is important so that they don’t cook at all when they go in the oven. Trust me, you want to keep that cookie dough raw. Hello! Everyone knows raw cookie dough is better than cooked!

Cast iron skillet full of million dollar skilllet smore's made from marshmallow, cookie dough, oreo, and other melty goodness