Japanese Cheesecake is made using a cream cheese, egg yolk batter that gets folded into sweet meringue. The result is an almost soufflé like sponge cake that jiggles and is amazingly fluffy. Sprinkled with powdered sugar alone or topped with berries, it’s sure to please.

Japanese Cheesecake on a white plate topped with powdered sugar, a berry topping, and a mint leaf.

Hi everyone, it’s Kevin from Kevin Is Cooking. Special thanks to Rachel for letting me contribute here on The Stay at Home Chef. For today’s post I’m sharing my Jiggly Japanese Cheesecake!

Japanese Cheesecake is like nothing you’ve ever tried before, is similar in name with the American version, but the texture of fluffy to jiggly come to mind, where the typical American cheesecake is dense and tangy in flavor.

Light, airy and made with sweet meringue folded into a cream cheese, egg yolk batter that then bakes in a water bath. This is a must try!

Step by step photo showing melting cream cheese, butter, and heavy cream until smooth, drizzling the melted ingredients onto whisked eggs, then adding flour and corn starch.

This Japanese Cheesecake is a sight to be seen as it’s placed on the table.

Jiggling and shaking like it’s made of Jello, this is one stand up cake that is sure to impress.

It starts with cream cheese, butter and cream melted and whisked together until smooth. After it’s cooled it’s whisked in beaten egg yolks. Flour and cornstarch are whisked in until a smooth batter is formed. I like to add a little vanilla and lemon zest for  a punch of flavor.

Step by step photo egg whites beaten to have soft peaks, adding a third fo the egg whites to yolk mixture, then showing the mixture in a parchment paper-lined spring pan.

Egg whites and sugar get whipped to peak form and then are folded into the cream cheese egg batter.

Line that baking pan with parchment paper and bake in a water bath. This rises. And rises!

Japanese Cheesecake slice being removed from the rest of the cheesecake.

Not your typical cheesecake, no. It’s almost soufflé like and similar to a spongecake in texture.

Besides the fun, jiggly dimension this tall, fluffy cake delivers as it’s placed on the table, the taste is light and with a dusting of powdered sugar on top this is a wonderful dessert. I made a quick blueberry sauce and topped each slice with a spoonful. I hope you give this one a try. Enjoy!