Chalupa with tomato and avocado on top

Shredded beef is sandwiched between two crispy fried corn tortillas with plenty of refried beans and cheese. It’s topped off with a fresh avocado salsa.

This recipe goes way back for me. All the way to elementary school. In 4th and 5th grade I went to an elementary school in Southern Nevada. The most popular lunches in the cafeteria were pizza (of course, and chalupas. I was a bring-it-from-home-lunchbag girl, which means I always had something to trade for one of those glorious little chalupas. Snack cakes and cookies were always the price, but I always went for it. I loved those things! All they really were was some fried corn tortillas with beans and cheese in the middle and on top. There was always some lame excuse for a fresh salsa on top too. It’s a school cafeteria after all. Well, I knew it was high time I make a grown up version of this favorite childhood treat. And this? These chalupas are amazing! They are even better than I remember!

Chalupa with avocado and tomato

Check out the video to see just how to make these delicious Chalupas!