Chicken, vegetables, and cheddar cheese are stuffed into this savory chicken crepe recipe.
Chicken Crepes covered in melted cheese on a blue plate.

Chicken, vegetables, and cheddar cheese are stuffed into this savory crepe recipe. In this savory crepe recipe I show you not only how to make crepes the easiest way, but also give you a delicious recipe for cheesy chicken crepes, one of our family’s favorite recipes. Make perfect crepes in the blender and eat them up in this tasty dinner recipe idea.

I first made this recipe as part of a cooking course I took in college. It has changed over the years, but is nostalgic to me. I’ve included a video demonstration so you can see how to make the crepes. If you’ve never done this before, the video will be helpful in seeing what exactly you need to do.

Can I switch up the filling options?

Absolutely! Savory crepes are a delicious dinner and it’s fun to play around with the flavors and mix and match them to suit your own personal taste preferences. We like this filling because it is simple and light so it goes really well with the delicacy of the crepes. But feel free to experiment with your own filling options.

Chicken Crepes in a cooking dish.

Crepe Tips

  • Use a nonstick skillet to make your crepes.
  • Pour just enough batter into the bottom of the pan so that you can tilt the pan and cover the bottom.
  • You want your crepes to be nice and thin, using the minimum amount of batter as possible per crepe.
  • Let the crepe cook until it looks dry around the edges before trying to flip it.
  • Plan on making a test crepe. It’s super easy to make more batter if you mess up a few.