I make a TON of cooking videos. You may have seen my work on Facebook. Who am I kidding, if you are here, you’ve DEFINITELY seen my work on Facebook. You’ve probably seen my work without even knowing. I make videos for over 70 different Facebook pages and put out anywhere between 20 and 30 videos every week. I hear I’m the largest producer of Food video content on Facebook in the world. Kinda cool, huh?

But in addition to those amazing short little cooking videos on Facebook, I also have my own cooking show on YouTube! These aren’t little entertaining clips. These are full length cooking demonstrations where I walk you through every step and try to entertain you along the way. ┬áIf you enjoy my content on Facebook or on my blog, please head on over to YouTube and check it out and be sure to subscribe!

The Stay At Home Chef Main Logo in the center of banner image with a clipped image to the right of Rachel Farnsworth wearing a turquoise blouse waiving with angled images of food on either side of the central logo.

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