Each of the recipes in the cookbook include a scannable QR code on the same page as the recipe. By scanning the code with the camera app on your phone, you will be taken directly to the recipe on my website where you’ll find a video demonstration that walks you through every step of the recipe. In addition to the video, you’ll also find troubleshooting information, answers to frequently asked questions, reviews, nutrition information, and a built-in calculator where you can scale the recipe up or down based on your needs. You’ll also find similar recipes and suggestions for what to serve with the recipe.

To use the QR code feature:

  1. Open the camera application on your internet-connected Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. (An internet connection is required to use this feature.)
  2. A notification will appear indicating your device is trying to open a link. Click the link or select “allow” to open the webpage in your preferred internet browser.
  3. Once you’re on my website, click the “jump to recipe” button to take you directly to the video demonstration and recipe. Or you can scroll through the additional information included with the recipe, like troubleshooting tips, answers to frequently asked questions, and recommendations for related recipes. That’s it!