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A bowl of whipping cream with a hand mixer in it.

I was making dinner at a family reunion when one of my cousins approached the kitchen with a cooking question.

“So I was making whipped cream…”

I already knew where he was going with it. He couldn’t get it to whip. Since there are a few common mistakes I went ahead and started my line of questioning.

1. What kind of cream did you try to whip? What did it say on the label?

Heavy Cream is your best bet for whipping. It whips easier and holds its whipped form better. Whipping Cream is only slightly misleading in its title. It contains slightly less fat content, but will still whip. It just doesn’t hold its shape as well as Heavy Cream. Get anything else and it probably won’t whip.

2. Had it been frozen and thawed?

Despite the many claims, tips, and tricks I’ve read, cream that has been previously frozen will not whip.

3. What kind of bowl did you use?

Glass or metal bowls are preferred when whipping cream. Copper bowls and plastic bowls can create problem with the chemical reaction. Crazy, huh? It’s not impossible to whip cream in a plastic bowl, but it can be harder.

4. How old was the cream?

Fresh cream is easier to whip. I bought some fresh cream and it whipped in about 30 seconds. It was amazing!

Whipping cream really is easy. Don’t let a one-time failure deter you from whipping your own cream in the future. Take out that hand mixer, or put it in a stand mixer and go to town. If you really want an arm workout, do it with a whisk. Now that’ll put some cooking chops on you!

There is no comparison to freshly whipped cream. It puts the cans and other imitations to shame.

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