Bright orange soup in a white bowl garnished with parsley and a loaf of bread in the background

A friend of mine recently had her first baby. Several friends had grouped together to bring meals to her after she got home from the hospital. She and her husband are vegetarians which can make it intimidating for carnivores to bring in a meal.  Since I tend to eat a lot of vegetarian meals all I had to do was use one of the many I had already planned on my menu. It just so happens that not only did I have several vegetarian options to choose from, I even had a vegan dish on the menu. I knew this soup would hit the spot. It was a crisp fall day and I knew she’d be exhausted having only been home from the hospital for a day. I brought her this flavorful soup with a loaf of homemade artisan bread. Homey, comforting, but still exciting: it’s food to warm the soul.