A Strawberry Lassi is a yogurt based Indian drink that is much like a smoothie. It is creamy, strawberry deliciousness. 

Glass of strawberry lassi garnished with fresh strawberries

We love nothing more than a good Indian feast! Tikka Masala and naan and butter chicken, yum! The only appropriate drink to go with an Indian feast is a lassi. Why waste your money washing Indian food down with a soda? 

A lassi is simply a yogurt based drink that originated in India. Sweet lassis are a blend of yogurt fruit, and sugar. It’s an Indian smoothie! Our favorites are strawberry and mango flavored lassis. No matter what’s on the menu at your Indian feast, you are going to love a sweet lassi to go with it.

  • Lassi Flavor Options:

    We love a good strawberry lassi, but another common favorite is a mango lassi. Simply swap out the strawberries for ripe mangos or canned mango pulp.
  • Yogurt Options:

    We prefer full fat greek yogurt, but you can use any yogurt in this recipe. If you do not consume dairy, simply use a plant based yogurt in place of a dairy yogurt.
  • Honey vs. White Sugar:

    You can’t go wrong with either honey or white sugar. It is really just up to your personal preference.

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