This Skillet Steak Dinner is an all in one recipe that not only teaches you how to cook the perfect steak, but adds in asparagus and mushrooms to make it a complete one skillet meal. 

Skillet Steak with Asparagus and Mushrooms in a cast-iron skillet.

What if I don’t have a cast iron or oven safe skillet?

If you do not own a cast iron or oven-safe skillet you can still make this recipe, but it will require more dishes and a little bit more time. What you will need to do is sear the steaks and the vegetables in a skillet, just as the recipes call for. Then transfer all the ingredients to an oven-safe dish (like a sheet pan) to finish cooking in the oven.

What cuts of steak can I use in this recipe?

The steaks in the photo and video for this recipe are New York strip steaks. This recipe can also work with other cuts of steak like rib eye, filet mignon, and sirloin steaks. Just be sure that the steaks can fit into your pan.

What if you want your steak to be well done?

To get the best mouth-watering steak it is recommended to cook your steak to medium rare, but we also understand that many people prefer a well-done steak. To get a well-done steak cook the steak until the internal temperature reads 150 degrees F.

Steak doneness chart.

What are the different grades of beef?

There are three grades of beef steak that you will find in a US supermarket: Select, Choice, and Prime. Within each of these grades there is also a range of quality as well. Select is generally the grade of sale-priced, or advertised meat. Select grade is just above what the USDA deems edible. So if you buy Select grade meat, don’t be surprised when it isn’t that great. It will always be worth it to pay the extra money per pound for the Choice grade. If it is choice grade, it will be advertised as such and marked somewhere on the label or packaging. If your supermarket carries Prime grade, lucky you!

Pro Tip: Buy Choice or Prime Grade steaks for best results.

Close up of Skillet Steak with Asparagus and Mushrooms in a cast-iron skillet.

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