A fork swirls a bite of Quick Bacon and Pea Pasta (Eggless Spaghetti Carbonara) which is topped with crispy bacon and peas

After the great egg white experiment, I was a little tired of eggs. Yet I had planned on making spaghetti carbonara. Ya, that wasn’t going to happen. Instead I created an eggless version to satisfy my need for a quick pasta. I kind of like it better without eggs to tell the truth. This makes for a great week-night meal and with back to school coming up, school moms and dads need a few of those in their back pocket. This is a great dish that was devoured by all!

Fun story, while I was making this my little soon-to-be first grader was watching and proclaimed, “Bacon is my favorite candy. Second is cotton candy. That stuff is pretty good too.” This was a proud moment for me. My boy loves bacon. This statement got his little sister to finally try bacon for the first time. I swear my daughter is a vegetarian. Perhaps not anymore now that she has discovered candy bacon.

Quick Bacon and Pea Pasta on a white plate.