Four Mexican Stuffed Sweet Potatoes on a white plate and garnished with spinach leaves

I’m bringing you another stuffed sweet potato today. I make these sweet potato burritos that my family loves (well, my siblings call it dang hippy food). After making THIS chipotle stuffed sweet potato I decided I wanted to combine the two recipes into a Mexican twice baked sweet potato sans chipotle. I’m kinda getting tired of chipotle. Did I just really say that? I guess I’m just on a break. Anyway, the result was wonderful. It’s a totally healthy dinner which is awesome. We ate it as our main dish. Granted, sometimes we just have vegetables for dinner or two side dishes. I like to be weird that way. It’s a filling meal too. Vegetarian delight for sure.

You could serve it as a starter, hearty appetizer, side dish, or gobble it up as your main dish. I love the versatility. I even snuck spinach in there since I’m always trying to trick my husband and son into eating green vegetables. A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do.