French toast on a white plate topped with whipped cream, blueberries, and strawberries.

If you haven’t made french toast using challah bread then you have been missing out in life. I grew up eating french toast made from regular old sliced bread and thought it was fine. Hi mom! But then I grew up and had french toast made out of challah bread and I was blown away. Suddenly french toast wasn’t just fine, it was amazing! And then I discovered how easy it was to make a ton of it at once and freeze it so I can just pop a couple pieces in the toaster or even microwave them in the morning and have gourmet french toast on the busiest of mornings. You will make this and wonder where it has been all your life. Even my husband, who was convinced that he didn’t even like french toast, gobbles this stuff up and looks forward to eating it day after day. Give it a try, you’ll be hooked!


Challah bread in a basket covered in a white cloth.


Close up of a loaf of challah bread with a loaf of challah bread in the background in a basket.