Overhead view of an apple pie smoothie surrounded by apples, dates, and a banana

So it is the new year and you are all resolved to eat better and lose the chub. It’s cool. We all do it. But now you find yourself thinking about that apple pie you were enjoying a few weeks ago. You might even be rationalizing how it really doesn’t look THAT bad on your thighs. Stop it. You’ve got this! I’m going to give you a little apple pie smoothie recipe that will make things better for you. It’s just fruit, almond milk, and spices. Easy peasy healthy! Enjoy it as a nice breakfast, an afternoon treat, or even dessert. Eat healthy, feel better!

When it comes to smoothie making the biggest problem I run across is not having enough liquid. If you don’t add enough liquid, your blender won’t be able to blend it all up, especially if you are using frozen ingredients. Start by adding enough liquid so that 3/4 of the fruit is covered by the liquid. If it doesn’t blend easily, add more. If you are using all frozen ingredients you may have to completely cover the fruit with liquid for it to blend thoroughly.